Trade Spotlight: Futures

About The Trade Spotlight: Futures

Each trading day, we analyze the markets applying the GBE trading methodology of chart formation breakouts confirmed through key technical indicators, to identify trade setups. When a futures contract trade setup presents itself, we email a precise trade entry accompanied by a defined stop loss and profit target, so you have the facts you need to make a decision. Once in a position, you will receive management emails when it’s time to either tighten the stop loss or to take a profit. Then, at the end of each week, you will receive a summary email that reviews all positions and working orders to ensure you are on track.

The Trade Spotlight: Futures is available, at no cost, exclusive to Daniels Trading clients. To receive comprehensive access free for thirty-days, simply click the button below.

Take a look at the sample emails of what you can expect to receive.



About Don DeBartolo

Don DeBartolo

Due to his widespread proficiency and experience with the futures and commodity options markets, he is able to offer his clients timely insight, specialized trade recommendations, and educational information through various videos and writings. Read more.