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This Week in Grain – 2/10-2/14 (WASDE Wrap!)

The USDA released their February WASDE report this morning (February 10). The February report is not normally a big market mover and the report followed suit as there were a few surprises, but not enough to get the corn, soybeans or wheat markets above resistance levels or below support levels…yet.

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The grain data came fast and furious all day! It started with Brazil forecasting their production this morning, followed by the USDA giving us their take on everything but old crop supplies (those will come in the JAN report). While the results of today’s report may have not inspired much volatility at 11 am, I did notice a few things that may become trends over what is left of 2013 and the start of 2014.

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Two Bullish Corn Charts in a Bearish Market

As a reader of TWIG, I hope you have come to understand my major objective to inspire ideas so you can hedge or trade these grains markets on your terms. Lately, I have been asked by producers why it would make sense to re-own. Today, I am going to step out of my bear costume and put on my bulls jersey. Maybe I can inspire an idea or two to get you involved.