About Tom Dosdall

Tom has supported traders and investors worldwide across all dt execution categories. With the understanding that each client is independent of another, Tom has shown an ability to listen to the needs of each and match them with the service or product that best suits their circumstances.

If you are a self-directed trader, you can expect objective guidance on finding the right balance between price and value. That might mean anything from finding a sharp platform to help you do what you already know you want to do or providing consultation on some of the most cutting edge trading indicators on the market.

If you are more of a “hands off” investor, ask Tom about the network of professional advisors that he has come across over his years in the industry. Once he can get a feel for your risk tolerance and objectives he can help you to deploy a program.

Are you somewhere in between fully hands on and fully hands off? Consider how you can leverage Tom’s experience for your benefit in a broker-assisted relationship. Together, you will analyze the markets that you are most interested in and come up with a trading plan that you are comfortable and confident with.

In summary, his goal is twofold: to ensure that each client he works with is guided with the resources needed to trade with confidence and that they are equipped with the knowledge and comfort needed to grow as an investor in the new global economy. Tom holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Colgate University.

Market Perspective: 80% technical 20% fundamental