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Ag Apps and iPads

Ag Apps, iPods and Smart Phones seem to be making a big splash in the farm world. There were reports out just this past week that Apple’s iPad 2 tablet computer will provide real-time-in-cab mapping of planter performance data captured by its 20/20 Seed-sense monitor. The free App called the FieldView App uses the iPad as a second monitor, as well as a mobile scout and computing tool, which is said to be a first for agriculture. Using the 3G cellular communications capability the iPad maps this such as population, singulation, spacing, row-unit ride and down force. The iPad will then store the data captured from the Seed-sense monitor which can be accessed and analyzed later at your office or house.

A “FieldView” base kit includes a FieldView Module (FVM), which basically sends data from the SeedSense monitor to the tablet. It also includes a harness, a RAM mount and a Gumdrop Tech ruggedized tablet case. This system is compatible with any planter running a 20/20 Seed-sense monitor. From what I hear the total cost of the entire system is right around $1,000. There is no question technology is changing our industry. I have to imagine as farms are turned over to the younger generation this movement will only intensify. This is certainly a major change from years past when the world viewed the farm community as being trapped in a technological time warp.

With so many available “Apps” now in the marketplace, we need a road map to help us stay on top of it all. Just the other day I was sent an interesting article that included 20 of the top Ag Apps in the industry. After doing some research I found that it was written by Matt Hopkins who is the Senior Online Editor for CropLife. This is a good Ag website that you might want to check out when you get the chance. Below are his top 20 picks:

Agronomy Apps:

  1. Agrian Mobile Information Center. Enables access to Agrian’s label database anywhere, any time. Search by product name, registered states, pest controlled and specific product use rates. (iPhone, iPod Touch)
  2. Dekalb Plant Population Calculator. Provides planting populations for corn and soybeans. (BlackBerry)
  3. Farm Progress Growing Degree Days. Measures the maturity of a crop by viewing current and past growing degree days data for a specific farm’s location. (Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPod Touch)
  4. From the Field from Pioneer. Alerts users with the latest information from Pioneer’s agronomy team while they’re in the field. (BlackBerry)
  5. Genuity Seed Selector. Helps growers find seed varieties with Genuity traits that are adapted to their soil type and maturity zone. (BlackBerry)
  6. NPIPM Soybean Guide. Provides current management options for insect and other arthropod pests affecting soybeans grown in North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota and Kansas. (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

Commodity Pricing Apps:

  1. Farm Futures Mobile from Pioneer. Offers access to news, weather, quotes, cash bids and more wherever you are. (Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad; soon on BlackBerry)
  2. Farmer’s Partner. Allows growers input dozens of variables to create an overview of the farm operation. (Android)
  3. KIS Futures. Allows users to track prices on commodity futures and options and gives a detailed snapshot of high, low, last and net change of multiple markets-options. (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

Precision Ag Apps:

  1. ArcGIS by ESRI. Extends the reach of a GIS from the office to the field. Users can query the map, search and find interesting information, measure distances and share maps with others. (iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone 7; available soon on Android devices)
  2. FieldNET Mobile from Lindsay. Allows users to control and monitor their irrigation pivots from anywhere. The interface features real-time text alerts, water usage reports and more. (Android, BlackBerry, iPhone)
  3. PureSense Irrigation Manager. Allows users to monitor their real-time field conditions and irrigation activity from their phones. (Android, iPhone)
  4. SoilWeb. Provides GPS-based, real-time access to USDA-NRCS soil survey data. The app retrieves graphical summaries of soil types associated with the user’s current geographic location. (iPhone)

Tank Mix Apps:

  1. Mix Tank from Precision Laboratories. Assists users in determining the mixing sequence for pesticides, adjuvants and foliar products. (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)
  2. Mobile Ag Tank Mix Calculator from Marrone Bio Innovations. Helps growers and applicators quickly calculate the proper ratios of up to any three products to be mixed together in the spray tank. (iPhone, iPod Touch)
  3. TankMix from DuPont. Allows users to calculate the amount of product or water needed to treat a specific field area, as well as the amount of product needed to the get the volume-to-volume ratio. (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

Best of The Rest:

  1. Agriculture Regulations. Provides growers with complete text of Title 7 CFR, Agriculture and bookmark the particular rules that apply to their operation. (iPhone, iPad)
  2. Speaks text and e-mails aloud so users can concentrate on the road or field. It lets users chat by sending text responses by voice and use voice commands like “repeat message” or “call back sender.” (BlackBerry)
  3. My-Cast from Garmin. Displays animated radar, predicted storm paths and watches/warnings from the National Weather Service. (Android, BlackBerry, iPhone)
  4. Weather Channel. Features customizable local weather applications, including an ag app where growers can access soil moisture conditions, precipitation reports, forecasts, wind speed and direction. (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

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