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Scott Hoffman Trade or Fade is a daily futures advisory published by veteran broker Scott Hoffman. It is designed to identify futures markets that are set up for potential explosive moves then gives you a framework and prices to trade these setups.

Trade or Fade consists of two parts:

  • A set of chart patterns designed to help you pinpoint markets with the volatility contraction that often precedes a breakout move.
  • It provides you with a set of proprietary support and resistance levels to give you specific entry and exit points for you to trade futures markets with breakout setups.

Trade or Fade can help you if you’re a short term trader looking for trade opportunities in futures. If you’re a longer term trader, Trade or Fade can help you determine advantageous times and prices to enter and exit the markets.

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About Scott Hoffman

Scott Hoffman

Scott serves as an educator and mentor for new traders, and as a trading partner and ally for experienced traders. The breadth and depth of Scott’s knowledge make him the “go to guy” for both retail and institutional traders. Read more.

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