Wilkins Ag Wire – Post WASDE (Apr 09 2015)Pre-Dawn Targeting (3-11)

Pre-Dawn Targeting (3-11)

Happy webinar Wednesday! Time to ring the mid-week bell!!!

Come join me this afternoon at 2:00p (cst) if you can for an hour of chart break-downs and trade idea recaps:

CHART WATCH! http://www.danielstrading.com/webinar/chart-watch-with-the-cullen-outlook/

Pre-Dawn Targeting (3-3)

Pre-Dawn Targeting (3-3)

Well, I dont want to sound like a broken record but we are right back to those prices or better after a quick retracement in both of those markets. PLUS, there are 2 other markets that have gotten my attention over the past few days.

Pre-Dawn Targeting (2-20)Pre-Dawn Targeting (2-18)

Pre-Dawn Targeting (2-18)

If you were thinking that a CHART WATCH! webinar today would be a good idea…then we are on the same page!

Sign up for this afternoon’s webinar and join us if you can:

CHART WATCH! Chart Reviews and Markets To Watch with The Cullen Outlook


Pre-Dawn Targeting with The Cullen Outlook (2-5)

Pre-Dawn Targeting with The Cullen Outlook (2-5)

Fast and furious this morning. Short, sweet and to the point. There are more SOFT markets below than usual, but that is only a coincidence. These are the best charts and formations that I am looking at right now and they happen to be in the SOFTS.

Pre-Dawn Targeting (1-28)Pre-Dawn Targeting (1-8)Pre-Dawn Targeting  (Jan 5)12/10 Pre-Dawn Update