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Get to Know: Burton SchlichterTurner’s Take Weekly: Corn, Wheat, & Soybeans

Turner’s Take Weekly: Corn, Wheat, & Soybeans

CORN:   When it comes to the corn market, there is not much to write home about.  USDA projects adequate stocks for both old crop and new crop, world stocks are ample, and ethanol demand growth (the major non-weather driver of the corn market for almost a decade) has tapered off.  The next major catalyst for… Read More.

Pre-Dawn Targeting (2-20)TWIG Note – Ag Forum Acreage for Corn and BeansBeyond the “Spotlight”Pre-Dawn Targeting (2-18)

Pre-Dawn Targeting (2-18)

If you were thinking that a CHART WATCH! webinar today would be a good idea…then we are on the same page!

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Swing Trader’s Insight Futures Watch List for February 13Technically Speaking: Markets You Should Be Watching Right Now!Market Spotlight: Eurodollar

Market Spotlight: Eurodollar

Ever since World War II, the amount of U.S. Dollars abroad sharply increased. This meant that foreign banks had U.S. Dollars in their custody and their jurisdiction. Today, the Eurodollar is similarly not under the jurisdiction of the Federal Reserve because it is a U.S. Dollar time deposit held in foreign banks.