Pre-Dawn Targeting (5-19)

Let’s find some good markets to get involved in! Perhaps we look for shorter term moves rather some long sustained drives over the next few weeks. The markets have been choppy with a lot of back and forth price action. Let’s turn our attention to quicker moves with more aggressive stop movement to take what the market gives us if we get the opportunity.

The Rath Overlay (May 15 2015)

This is a sample entry from Drew Rathgeber’s newsletter, The Rath Overlay, published on Friday, March 13, 2015. Gold trading a bit lower at $1,216.90 (M5) per troy oz. broke back above $1,200 which leads me to be a bit bullish above these levels, trading $33 higher than last Friday. Silver was the big mover… Read more.

Turner’s Take Weekly: September vs. December Corn

September Corn vs. December Corn is a trade we have been involved in every year since 2011 in Turner’s Take. In certain years we have even referred to it as our “bread and butter” trade.   I have already received a few emails and calls about it. We are going to give this one a pass… Read more.